Why Choose Us?

When it comes to selling your home you need to choose an agent you can trust to handle such an important asset. So then the next question is of course who do you choose.

If you are looking to buy a house from an agent in your area then in can make sense to use that agent, as they should be doubly motivated to get you an offer.

You may have dealt with an agent before or have been given a personal recommendation.

Google reviews can be a great place to see what previous clients have said about an agents service, and you can check out ours here.

Once you have at least a couple of options then if possible you need to invite them to visit the property, give you an idea of what price they can achieve for your home and detail the service they offer.

We offer a free, no obligation appraisal of your home, we can detail our service and the price we can achieve and the evidence to justify this.

Be wary of any agent giving what seems an inflated valuation, particularly if they have no evidence to back this up, it can be a tactic to entice you to instruct them and they will be pushing you to reduce soon after.

So why should you choose Compass Elevation?

We are an established local agency with many years of experince, this means we know the market and can give you an accurate valuation of your property.

Owner managed we are highly motivated to sell your home, not only financially but in order to build our reputation in Cambridge.

We support the local community including charities in the area and the Bedford Blues Rugby Club so you would be indirectly supporting these.

But above all we are committed to getting the best possible price from the best qualified buyer available for your property, and our no sale no fee agreement means we are focused on getting your sale through in the quickest possible timeframe.

Contact us now for a market appraisal.

How Can We Help?

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